Bathroom remodeling Houston

Bathroom remodeling Houston

Bathroom remodeling Houston is not a cheap and quite a complex business. In this guide we will give you detail of all the steps of Bathroom remodeling Houston, what could affect the cost of Bathroom remodeling Houston, and what common mistakes you should avoid in Bathroom remodeling Houston.

Bathroom remodeling Houston Before Bathroom Renovation - Proper Bathroom Renovation Planning

So we decided we wanted to renovate the Bathroom, but where do we start? 

The first and most important step in Bathroom remodeling Houston is planning.

First of all, we decide what we want to renovate - Bathroom remodeling Houston includes Bathroom cabinets and doors, marble, electrical and plumbing points, Bathroom wall cladding and sink and faucet replacement. Of course, you can only do some or all of them - it all depends on our budget and wishes.

After deciding what to renovate, you should plan a sketch of the new Bathroom. It is important to consider the location of appliances such as a dishwasher, refrigerator, and baking oven. The water points for the sinks and the dishwasher, the power points, and the gas points that you want to move or install must be planned. It is worthwhile at this point to design spire points - points that we may want to use in the future - a possible point for a water bar, additional electrical outlets for appliances that may be added to the Bathroom below and more.

A case in point that illustrates the importance of planning the location of gas and electricity points is that of a family that has undergone a Bathroom remodeling Houston and has placed the new stove under the new cabinets. The result: peeling and stained Bathroom cabinets. It is important to place the stove near a window or steam collector to ventilate our cooking scents, and not under the Bathroom cabinets we paid for with our finest money. Renovation explains how to properly plan a Bathroom remodeling Houston

What kind of professionals will we do for Bathroom remodeling Houston?

There are several ways to renovate an existing Bathroom, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Bathroom remodeling Houston involves coordinating a number of professionals: electrician for electric points, plumber for plumbing, marble man, carpenter for Bathroom cabinets and renovator for flooring and ceramics.

One option is renovating a Bathroom with a number of professionals. If we have patience and longevity, we can coordinate with each professional individually regarding his or her work. The advantage is that we choose who goes to work for us in the Bathroom. The disadvantage, of course, is the great headache that can be caused by a lack of coordination between professionals or misunderstanding. A problem that recurs in Bathroom remodeling Houston in this way is that every professional puts the blame on the other professionals who are doing the Bathroom remodeling, and we remain powerless.

Although many think that "putting together the puzzle" alone will save them money - that is not necessarily true. Many times, it is the second option for a Bathroom renovation - a contractor that incorporates all the professionals - that is more economical. First of all, working with a contractor is easier than running around with five professionals. Second, the renovation contractor has relationships with the professionals and they provide the service at a cheaper price. Beyond the convenience, there is the matter of responsibility - there is one address for every problem and who is responsible for solving it. Bathroom remodeling Houston.

The third and preferred option is a combination between them - to work with two professionals: a handyman who is responsible for electricity, gas, water, ceramics and marble, and a carpenter responsible for the construction of Bathroom cabinets. This is how we get the carpenter's professionalism about the Bathroom, and the ability and organization of the renovator to handle all the rest of the Bathroom.

Bathroom remodeling Houston- key steps

After choosing what to renovate and who to refurbish, these are the steps that lie ahead:

Dismantling and Removing the Existing Bathroom - Usually including dismantling the Bathroom cabinets, marble, sink, flooring, and everything we decided to replace.

Establishing electricity, gas, and plumbing points - according to our design.

Assemble new Bathroom cabinets by the carpenter.

Order the Bathroom countertop and assemble it.

Installation of plumbing fixtures - Bathroom sink and taps.

Cooking First Family Meal Smiling

How much does a Bathroom remodeling Houston cost?

The price of a Bathroom renovation depends on what we decided to renovate - a basic and cosmetic renovation for a small Bathroom (2.5m * 2.5m) starts around $ 3,000 and can also reach $ 100,000 if you decide to "invest in the Bathroom". The key factors that can influence the cost of Bathroom remodeling Houston are: Choosing Bathroom cabinets, marble, and Bathroom plumbing fixtures. For more information go to our free estimate page.